Porcelain tiles provide a marbled "Hotel look".

This floor to ceiling finish is complimented with translucent glass mosiacs. Glass walls and door soon to be installed at the edges of the diagonally cut floor. A recessed shaving step is the type of useful feature that may be included in a new build or remodel.



This was previously a dated  and moistured damaged bathroom, but you wouldn't know it now !. Stripping the room right back to its bones, our team removed damaged framing, re-built these damaged sections, re-framed, re-

lined,  cut and ground the concrete floors so that the entire room can flow back into the shower recess if a flood occurs . Then we extensively waterproofed the entire room before commencing the tiling process.


Two recessed niches provide ample space for "his and hers", shampoos and soaps. Incorporating this type of feature can be done by our team if we install the wall linings or by working closely in conjunction with your builders.